Tanya Beeks

Tanya Beeks is an avid crafter who has found her passion in Graphic Designing.
She has worked with Non-profits and artists to start and/or improve the feel and strength of their on-line presence.


She will continue to use her skills to help and support non-profits, start up companies and artists, it is because them that she found graphic designing.


Tanya believes that a company’s success depends on its availability to an audience, and to have the most information about it available. Today, people can look up a companies website and they want as much information the company will provide.
This helps a consumer choose what company they want to patron.


Tanya holds a Digital Degree in Graphic Design from Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online.


Tanya has worked for a non-profit and the Northern Cherokee Nation to date.

Rig Wives Foundation


The first was an oil/gas industry family foundation were she designed and launched the website and forum, for 5 years while there was need for the foundation. She also made designs for merchandise and 4 cookbooks for
on-line fund raising. With support from some oil/gas industry legends, including Wes St John and Ben Bales of the television show Black Gold, the foundation grew from a small group of ladies to an international following, along with Tanya being quoted on the front page of the Wall Street journal.

Northern Cherokee Nation


Tanya has worked for the Northern Cherokee Nation, for the past year as their in house graphic designer/web-master. To date she has re-designed the website to be more user friendly and organized.

She has also used the platform to make event forms more accessible to vendors, and citizens. She also had the privilege of designing the fliers and program booklets for the 2017 annual PowWow.

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Tanya Beeks
Tanya Beeks